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Focal Point is here to meet

your staffing needs!​


Save Your Time with Our Help

We electronically reach out to our large pool of professionals and find the best candidate based on your facility's needs and specifications. 


Submiting F​acility Assignm​ents

You can submit your facility assignment specifications via email, text or by contacting the Focal Point Scheduling Department at (984)-204-8165.

"Providing the best professionals to meet your staffing needs."


That's It!!!

  You Are Now Fully Staffed.


Finding and securing the right resources for your company will always be a challenge.


Let the dedicated team at Focal Point, help you build the right team. We work hard and we work fast, so reach out and let us know what you need. Then we will get to work.


"How much does Focal Point

charge for it's services?" 

Fees vary based on the location and type of staffing solution you choose. For flexible staffing arrangements, costs are based on a candidate’s hourly rate plus a mark-up. For direct hire, costs are figured as a percentage of an employee’s annual salary.


For more details, contact Focal Point office at 984-204-8165.

"What type of staffing services does Focal Point provide?"

Focal Point recruits` talent for a wide variety of roles and placements including clinical, non-clinical, per-diem, local and travel contracts as well as permanent placement.

"What is the benefit 

of working with Focal Point?"

Our candidate network give you immediate access to the best talent in the market—minimizing time-to-fill and maximizing talent results. 


"What industries does 

Focal Point specialize in?"

We can recruit and staff professionals in almost every industry, but we have extensive experience in these key industries:

  • Medical/Clinical
  • Clinical Facility Housekeeping
  • Clinical Dietary 
  • Non-clinical Healthcare

"Does Focal Point take care of payroll and taxes?"


 Our in-house accounting department handles all payroll and taxes.


"How quickly can Focal Point

fill a temporary position?"

When you need staff to fill an interim role in your organization, Focal Point is equipped to meet your requirements in real time. We have an active network of pre-qualified candidates ready to step in and fill your flexible staffing needs at a moment’s notice.


"What is the process

 for timecard approval?"

Timecards are completed, approved, and submitted electronically through Focal Point's electronic time and attendance platform. Please contact the Focal Point office for more information, (987)-204-8165.

"Whose responsibility is it if an employee gets hurt

while working at our facility?"

Focal Point handles worker’s compensation claims associated with employee injuries during scheduled work hours.​


If I hire a flexible employee and decide I would like to keep them on permanently, what is the process?

Contact your Focal Point representative and let them know of your interests. They will present the opportunity to the candidate.

If the candidate agrees, the status of their assignment would change from flexible to permanent and the contractual paperwork would need to be completed.


"How do I submit a staffing request

with Focal Point?"

There are several ways you can submit a staffing order:

  • by calling your local Focal Point office
  • by contacting your designated Focal Point Scheduler
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